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The Gen II Program includes:

•        Technical data package

•        Complete top-down break-down drawing package

•        Technical manual with complete parts breakdown

•        Training DVD

•        On-site training

•        Spare parts provisioning

•        Field support for entire life of program

•        Spare parts

•        Technical support

•        Training

The B-Stands have been a staple in the Aircraft Industry for decades. These legacy stands served our country since the early 1950’s. Their design was prior to the current United States Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Air Force Occupational and Environmental Safety, Fire Protection and Health (AFOSH) Standards that we have in place today. An increased emphasis is placed on the safety of our most precious resource, which is our Troops and Support Personnel. In 2013, MCT Industries, Inc. was awarded a contract to redesign these legacy stands to comply with the current safety standards. In addition, MCT’s design replaced the 1950’s technology with modern industry components and technology. Particular emphasis was placed on human  factors design to create a user friendly system for the Aircraft Mechanic and the Maintenance Stand Mechanic ensuring their safety with a minimum 25 years life expectancy. Stands have now been designed to a 4:1 Safety Factor complying with OSHA standards. Safety Factor is a term which describes the structural capacity of a system beyond the expected loads or actual loads. Essentially, how many times stronger the system is than it needs to be for the intended operational load. Safety Factors are calculated using detailed engineering analysis to determine the structure's ability to carry the load. Both types of Stands have been comprehensively tested to meet the 4:1 Safety Factor and they are now designed to have a 750 lb load capacity versus a 500 lb lifting capacity. All of the new stands have personal fall anchorage safety systems integrated into the design so personnel can tether themselves when any handrail is removed to safely facilitate aircraft maintenance. Both types of stands feature the following:
• Same Steerable and lockable casters
• Safe, accessible, & redundant mechanical platform safety locks
• New industry standard bumper strip
• Integrated tie downs and lifting attachment points

Articulating Staircase Maintenance Stands (ASMS) &
Hydraulic Scissor Lift Maintenance Stands (HSMS)
Formerly known as B-Series Aircraft Maintenance Stands
B -1, B-2, B-4, B-5, & B-7 Stands


Hybrid Universal Maintenance Platform Diesel/Electric
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